Bruce Braley for U.S. Senate
250 Founding “Farmers for Braley”
August 13th, 2013
Farmers for Braley

 Farmers stand behind Braley for support of Iowa agriculture, Farm Bill


Today, our campaign is thrilled to announce that more than 250 Iowa farmers and agriculture producers have signed on as founding members of “Farmers for Braley”, a group of public supporters of Rep. Bruce Braley’s 2014 US Senate campaign. In addition to endorsing Braley, Farmers for Braley will also serve as key elements of Braley’s grassroots organization, communicating with Iowans about Braley’s efforts to promote and expand Iowa agriculture.

Bruce Braley said,

“I’m proud to have the support of so many Iowa farmers and agriculture producers.

I grew up surrounded by Iowa agriculture: detasseling corn, walking beans, and working at a grain elevator. I know firsthand how important farms and agriculture are to Iowa’s economy and culture.

That’s why I’ve worked so hard in Congress to promote Iowa agriculture and protect Iowa’s farming future. I think I can be even more effective serving in the US Senate.”

Robert Bell, a founding member of “Farmers for Braley” from Prole had this to say,

“Bruce Braley fights for the Iowa farmer. His nonstop work to bring people together in Congress to pass a long-term extension of a Farm Bill into law demonstrates how committed he is to the future of Iowa agriculture.

Bruce knows how important agriculture is to Iowa’s economy and works nonstop to promote it.”

Mary Krier, a farmer from Ollie. said,

“When it comes to Iowa agriculture, Bruce gets it. Bruce is working to protect family farms and help young people interested in farming get off the ground.

Iowa needs a voice like his in the US Senate to keep working for Iowa farmers and Iowa agriculture.”

When Braley was growing up in Brooklyn, Iowa, his father worked at a grain elevator, and Braley spent summers on farms detasseling corn, walking soybeans, baling hay, and working at a grain elevator. As an attorney in Waterloo, Braley worked on behalf of farmers.
In Congress, Braley has worked for years to pass a long-term extension of the Farm Bill. Last month, for example, Braley called on Congress to cancel its annual August recess until it sent a comprehensive, five-year extension of the Farm Bill to the President’s desk.
A full list of the founding Farmers for Braley can be downloaded here.
Click here to add your name and help us continue to grow the “Farmers For Braley” team!

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