Bruce Braley for Iowa

Petition: Protect Social Security and Medicare

Dear Tea Party members of Congress:

Social Security and Medicare are more than just essential safety nets for millions of senior citizens. They are benefits our seniors earn through decades of hard work. And they represent a promise to the American people that if you work hard and play by the rules, you’ll be able to retire with dignity and security.

Yet for years, you and your special interest allies have tried to privatize Social Security, which would leave the fate of one of our nation’s most dependable benefit programs in the hands of the stock market, and turn Medicare into a voucher system that benefits Big Insurance at the expense of our seniors.

Bruce has vowed to protect Social Security and Medicare from your threats. And that’s why I’m standing with him, demanding that you quit playing political games with the economic security of our seniors. Stop threatening to undermine Social Security and Medicare now.

[Your Name]