99 Reasons why Bruce Braley fights for Iowa’s middle class.

Since announcing his campaign for US Senate, Bruce has visited every single county in Iowa – all 99 of them. To celebrate this milestone, we’ve put together 99 reasons why Bruce Braley fights for Iowa’s middle class. So why does Bruce fight so hard for Iowa’s middle class? Because it's where he comes from. Scroll over the map to see the first 9 reasons - and keep scrolling to see the rest of the 99:

7. For Iowa's workersGrowing up in Brooklyn, IA, Bruce got his work ethic from his parents — his first job was as a paperboy in 2nd grade!

3. For Iowans taking on the tough fightsBruce & his family live in Waterloo. It's here that Bruce got his start as an attorney representing Iowans taking on special interests and big corporations.

5. For Iowa's studentsGo Cyclones! Bruce is a proud Iowa State grad.

Jobs in road construction & truck driving plus access to student loans helped Bruce pay his way through college — and he'll fight to make sure Iowa's students have the same opportunities he did.

8. For Iowans earning minimum wageBefore law school at the University of Iowa, Bruce went to work for the Poweshiek County Secondary Roads Department. He'll fight to increase the minimum wage — Iowans who work full time should be able to support their families.

4. For Iowans who want to build a life for themselvesBruce and his wife Carolyn — a native of Dubuque — met at a concert in 1976. When they got married in 1983, they didn't have much. That's why Bruce knows that every little bit counts for Iowa families. He's fought to cut taxes for middle class families and small businesses.

9. For Iowa's family farmsBruce's family roots run deep all across Iowa, and his Aunt Mary lives in Percival. When you grow up in a small Iowa town, you learn a thing or two about the importance of agriculture to Iowans. That's why Bruce has fought so hard to protect family farms and pass a long-term renewal of a Farm Bill into law.

6. For the little guyFor 30 years Tom Harkin has fought for the little guy — and he's endorsed Bruce because he knows Bruce will keep up that fight to strengthen the middle class.

1. For Iowa's familiesBruce has worked hard to make it easier for families looking to adopt a child — passing a $10k adoption tax credit & fighting to cut through red tape for families like the Craigs of Orange City.

2. For Iowans looking for workRenewable energy is good for Iowa. Bruce is fighting to protect the Renewable Fuel Standard & passed legislation to expand job creation for Iowans looking for work in renewable fuels.

Bruce Braley fights for the middle class because that’s where he comes from. In the Senate, Bruce will fight for policies that strengthen and expand Iowa’s middle class in all 99 counties – from Davenport to Council Bluffs; from Northwood to Lamoni.

Bruce has never forgotten where he comes from:

  1. Bruce was born in Grinnell, Iowa.
  2. He grew up in Brooklyn, Iowa.
  3. Bruce’s dad worked at a grain elevator.
  4. Bruce’s dad was injured in an accident at the grain elevator; Bruce’s mom went back to school to get her teaching degree to help support the family.
  5. Bruce’s mom still substitute teaches to this day.
  6. Bruce’s mom taught in Guthrie County when she started dating Bruce’s dad.
  7. Bruce was a Cub Scout.
  8. Bruce went to BGM High School in Brooklyn.
  9. Bruce started delivering newspapers in the second grade and has been working ever since.
  10. Bruce’s aunt and uncle farmed near Humboldt.
  11. Bruce worked his way through college at Iowa State University
  12. And then worked his way through law school at the University of Iowa.
  13. Bruce’s mom went to Iowa State Teacher’s College (now the University of Northern Iowa).
  14. Bruce used student loans to help him afford college.
  15. Bruce worked for the Poweshiek County Secondary Roads Department.
  16. Bruce tended bar.
  17. He drove a dump truck.
  18. Bruce detasseled corn.
  19. He baled hay.
  20. Bruce waited tables.
  21. He sold greeting cards door-to-door.
  22. Bruce worked as an insurance agent.
  23. He worked as a janitor.
  24. Bruce got married to his wife Carolyn in 1983. Carolyn is from Dubuque.
  25. Bruce and his family have lived in Waterloo for over 30 years.
  26. In Waterloo, Bruce went to work as an attorney, representing Iowans who took on powerful special interests and big corporations.
  27. Bruce represented factory workers challenging unsafe company practices.
  28. He stood up for workers who lost their jobs and pensions.
  29. He represented small businesses fighting red tape.
  30. Bruce and Carolyn raised their three kids – Lisa, David, and Paul – in Waterloo.
  31. Bruce’s three kids still live in Iowa.
  32. Bruce’s mom still lives in Brooklyn.
  33. Carolyn’s family still lives in Dubuque.
  34. Bruce’s family has a reunion they call Braleymania.

That’s why he fights for Iowa’s middle class.

  1. Bruce supports raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.
  2. Bruce passed a tax cut of up to $9,600 for businesses that hire unemployed veterans.
  3. Bruce passed a tax cut for small businesses that hire unemployed workers, helping more than 100,000 Iowans get hired.
  4. Bruce wants to protect the Renewable Fuel Standard, which supports over 60,000 Iowa jobs.
  5. Bruce wants to renew the Wind Production Tax Credit, which has helped create over 6,000 Iowa jobs.
  6. Bruce passed a job training program that helps prepare Iowa workers for jobs in the renewable energy industry.
  7. Bruce supported legislation to expand the Pell Grant program, meaning more Iowa students could afford college.
  8. Bruce introduced legislation to renew a $2,500 college tuition tax credit.
  9. Bruce helped pass legislation to keep college student loan interest rates low.
  10. Then, he did it again when student loan interest rates were on the verge of doubling.
  11. Bruce passed a bill to expand programs that help provide injured veterans with disability-accessible housing.
  12. Bruce fought to pass a long-term renewal of the Farm Bill to help Iowa agriculture producers plan for the future.
  13. Bruce is fighting to reduce propane prices for Iowans hurt by recent price increases.
  14. Bruce supports extending unemployment insurance for Iowans who have been looking for work but unable to find it.
  15. Bruce voted to permanently renew tax cuts for middle class families while ending tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.
  16. Bruce supported the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, to help end wage discrimination toward women.
  17. Bruce worked to pass the Small Business Fairness in Contracting Act, which helps Iowa small businesses compete for contracts with the federal government.
  18. Bruce Braley fought to protect Social Security and Medicare from risky privatization and voucher plans — for this generation and generations to come.
  19. Bruce fought the Pentagon to ensure more than 600 Iowa National Guard members who fought in Iraq were granted full GI Bill education benefits they were initially denied.
  20. Bruce called on Delta Airlines to change a baggage policy that stuck American soldiers returning from Afghanistan with $2,800 in baggage fees.
  21. Bruce succeeded in securing long-delayed combat pay for 800 members of the Iowa National Guard in 2010.
  22. Bruce introduced and passed a bill that made permanent a $10,000 tax credit for families that adopt children.
  23. Bruce fought the Obama administration to change regulations that threatened Iowa jobs.
  24. Bruce worked to put farmers on the EPA’s science advisory board.
  25. Bruce passed legislation to strengthen enforcement of school bus safety laws.
  26. Bruce fought to help Iowa communities affected by flooding in 2008 and 2013.
  27. Bruce fought to help Iowa small businesses and taxpayers by passing a law to require the government to write in simple, easy-to-understand language.
  28. Bruce fought government red tape when an Iowa family’s adoption was on the verge of falling through.
  29. “Bruce Braley is working to help increase the number of people who explore adoption in Iowa and across the country.”
  30. Bruce is working to fix and improve the new healthcare law for Iowans.
  31. Bruce knows Iowans can’t afford to go back to the days when insurance companies could deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions or deny benefits when people got sick.
  32. Bruce is standing up to out-of-state oil billionaires who oppose the Farm Bill, oppose increasing the minimum wage, and oppose renewable fuels.

And why in the Senate he’ll keep fighting…

  1. For Mark, Stross, and Joy Newcom of Forest City.
  2. For Pam and Marck Nystrom in Boone.
  3. For Beaconsfield, the home of astronaut Peggy Whitson.
  4. For Bill Hillman in Shenandoah.
  5. For Beaconsfield, the birthplace of Hy-Vee.
  6. For Bruce’s Aunt Mary Sherwood and cousins Susan and Greg in Fremont County.
  7. For Orange City and its appropriately orange water tower.
  8. For 4-H members old and new.
  9. For Wally Johnson and the folks in Ida Grove.
  10. For veterans who deserve the honor and recognition they were promised.
  11. For farmers and businesses in Waterloo.
  12. For 46,000 Iowans who work minimum wage jobs every day and deserve a raise.
  13. For thousands of Iowa students who want college to stay affordable.
  14. For the Iowa State Fair.
  15. For folks who love the Iowa Great Lakes.
  16. For Maquoketa High School students.
  17. For Iowans in Audubon.
  18. For Iowans knocked down by natural disasters, but determined to get back up and keep going.
  19. For small town libraries that need a hand up after a flood.
  20. For Iowa women who want to ensure they don’t become another statistic in the fight against breast cancer.
  21. For folks in Beaverdale.
  22. For the hard working men and women in Iowa’s labor movement.
  23. For Iowans who love RAGBRAI.
  24. For Iowa, because Bruce was raised with Iowa values and Iowa common sense.